Of course, lots of people reach for a cleanse right after New Year's. It's that time of new beginnings. We want to detox ourselves from all the holiday excess.

But there are a few problems with detoxing by juice cleanse:

  • They can be very harsh on your body.
  • You eventually gain back anything you lost.
  • They are not a sustainable way to get the body that you want.

Plus for an emotional eater, swearing off food for multiple days can cause a LOT of anxiety and stress. Which only guarantees a binge later on reversing everything you've tried to accomplish!

Now, there are a few simple ways to detox naturally. You could drink water with lemon, get eight hours a sleep a night and eat more greens.

But today, I wanted to add two of my favorite ways to detox. They are fun, simple and you can do them everyday!

#1. End your shower by turning the water to cool/cold for just a few seconds, which will help detox your body without starving yourself.  It's similar to a cold plunge pool at a spa, causing a surge in circulation that stimulates your lymphatic system. Hydrotherapy creates a natural detoxifying process. Now remember, this is not an endurance test! 30 to 45 seconds will be plenty. If you're a cold-water wuss, don't fret! Just start with your extremities and eventually work up to your entire body.

#2. Another super fun way to detox without starving yourself is rebounding! Whether you have a little mini rebounder at home or you have access to fitness classes on a trampoline, this fun way to work up a sweat also stimulates your circulation and lymphatic system.

As you bounce, the alteration of weightlessness when you go up and the pull of gravity when you come down squeezes your cells – like getting a whole body massage!

The great thing about these ways to detox is that you don't have to clear your social calendar nor choke down expensive, weird-colored juice to do it.

And the best part is you can easily incorporate these things into your everyday, NOT just after a spree of indulgences, keeping you healthy for the lo


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