Montco Commissioners' Chairman Josh Shapiro just picked up another political resume builder, reinforcing a view that he's a pol who (no pun intended) Baer's watching.

Gov. Wolf has appointed Shapiro chairman of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency.

It's a post that allows him to remain a county honcho while also providing a nice law & justice card for him to play in any future political effort like, oh, I don't know, being appointed state attorney general if current A.G. Kathleen Kane were for any reason to leave the post, or if Shapiro finds himself actually running for the job next year.

I mention this because Shapiro, at 41, already has been mentioned as a possible candidate for offices such as Congress, U.S. Senate and governor.

He served in the state House from 2005 to 2012. He then, along with fellow-Democrat Leslie Richards (Gov. Wolf's nominee for PennDOT secretary), won Democratic control of Montco's county commission, a first for his party.

And when Wolf announced Shapiro's new appointment this week he noted Shapiro's former service in Congress where, at 25, he was the youngest chief of staff on Capitol Hill -- to then U.S. Rep. Joe Hoeffel.

If you think Wolf's working to further enhance Shapiro's political props you're probably right.

Shapiro was a strong backer of Wolf's candidacy, worked on Wolf's transition and co-chaired Wolf's task force on budget and fiscal matters.

(Shapiro's smart, too. Magna cum laude grad of the University of Rochester, law degree from Georgetown.)

Wolf spokesman Mark Nicastre tells me "no," there's no political push involved in naming Shapiro to head the crime & delinquency commission.

"The governor is comfortable with Josh and his leadership," Nicastre says, "it seemed like a good opportunity for a job that's important to the governor."

Seems to me "opportunity" should be Shapiro's middle name.