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Rush-hour chat

A moment in time during rush hour in Philly.

Broad and Vine streets, about 8:15 a.m. Tuesday. One of the most congested intersections in Center City during rush hour.

A male driver in a black luxury sedan is headed south on Broad. He's waiting, impatiently, for a traffic cop to wave him through the light. Then he blares his horn, within yards of the cop.

No rush hour is too rushed for some quality conversation. The officer decides it's time for a chat with Mr. Luxury Sedan. He steps right in front of the car's bumper, which certainly gets the driver's attention. Then he walks toward the driver's window, shouting respectfully, "Don't blow your horn unnecessarily, sir, OK? That's what's called road rage. You can get a ticket for that, OK?"

His point made, the officer sends traffic on its way again. Score: Traffic-control cops: 1; luxury sedans: 0.