If only other problems plaguing society could be fixed this quickly. Last Saturday, an editorial (“Tent city unacceptable”) questioned how a third-world encampment could be allowed to exist in Camden for years.


A week later, the homeless residents living outdoors at the so-called Tent City have been moved from the streets to a nice hotel, where they were getting pampered. One homeless man received what he said was his first bath in 38 years. The dozens of Tent City residents will eventually be moved to permanent housing, where they will receive training and counseling.


The life-changing turn of events was brought about by Pastor Amir Khan of Solid Rock Worship Center, who raised $250,000 from businesses and church members to pay for the care and feeding of the homeless residents. “How dare we live in the lap of luxury when this is so close by?” Khan asked. And then he did something about it.