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Sean Monahan's endorsements

These are the election endorsements of People's Board member Sean Monahan. He does not speak for the Board. 

Cheri Honkala (Ballot Number 321) is the Sheriff candidate for you if you're at all inspired by Occupy Philly, which reminds us daily of the foreclosure mills that are the big banks. Although the Sheriff has among his/her duties the actual physical eviction of foreclosed and evicted families, Cheri says she will not throw any family into the street. She says the ones who really should be punished are the banksters who have stolen billions in economic wealth out from under us, and who in the process have sunk millions of hard-working families into desperation. While the banksters' debts remain uncollected, Cheri is not going to torture their victims by throwing them into the street. By gumming up the eviction gears, Cheri would force the system to come up with humane ways to help families who, due to no fault of their own, are face to face with disaster.

Kathryn Boockvar (Ballot Number 202) is running for Commonwealth Court judge. Commonwealth Court is vitally important for workers and residents of cities since it hears most cases involving labor rights and the powers of local government. Boockvar has a strong history as a lawyer of working for the rights of the poor and dispossessed, and to expand the franchise, all of which she would be able to advance strongly if elected to the Court. In her early practice, Boockvar directly represented low-income families struggling with unemployment and disability problems while working at two different legal services programs for the poor. She then started a private practice that focused on employment discrimination, unemployment compensation, pension rights, social security disability, and civil rights litigation. Lastly, she worked as staff attorney with the Advancement Project to ensure that voting rights and election administration laws were enforced fairly, effectively, and accurately, so that no eligible voter was wrongly disenfranchised. She is superbly qualified to serve as a judge of Commonwealth Court where she would strongly advance the interests of justice for all.

Al Schmidt (Ballot Number 119), running for City Commissioner, has pledged to run an open and transparent office and to work with community groups to encourage voter registration and turnout. In his own words, he further commits himself to "aggressive outreach programs to registered voters as soon as they are eligible to vote, and to educate voters on the importance of voting and making their voices heard." This is very similar to the program of Stephanie Singer, also running for this position and almost assured of election. With both Singer and Schmidt in office we will have a majority of Commissioners committed to expanding the electorate, which is the only way progressive candidates across the board can be elected in sufficient numbers to foster progressive policies.