Failed gubernatorial candidate Allyson Schwartz (in Philly Clout) says this: "the political pundits, the media, the Harrisburg establishment couldn't believe a woman could serve as governor - couldn't even imagine it."

Imagine that. Here's what she meant to say: I felt entitled, ran a for-crap campaign and now can't bring myself to own it.

Was it the War on Women in the Democratic Party? The sexists in control? The (as she often called it) "ol boy" network - a remark simultaneously ageist and sexist? (Not meant that way, perhaps, but, gee, my feelings are hurt.)

A long-time incumbent, a known politically quantity, she couldn't capture the women's vote rolled up by Tom Wolf. Whose fault was that? His? The media? The pundits? Does she forget before Wolf stated running TV ads she was the favorite of the pundits?

Here's another result of the grievance culture. Inability to accept responsibility for your own failures.