Blake Wilson is a guy. He's married, has four kids, drives a minivan, and does normal, boring, suburban dad stuff. What makes Blake Wilson special, though, is that he does all of that normal, boring, suburban dad stuff while wearing a Batman mask and talking like Christian Bale from The Dark Knight. Also, he's kind enough to post that stuff to Vine so that the rest of the world can revel in what is surely an exponentially grating exercise for his wife and kids. For those of us not in his nuclear family, though, it's absolutely hilarious.

BatDad isn't the hero Vine deserves, but he's the one it needs right now. BuzzFeed recently caught up with Wilson to discuss his rise to relevance and how the @BatDadVine account came into existence in the first place.

About three weeks ago my wife and I were shopping for a child's birthday party we were going to that weekend with our family. While browsing the toy aisle I saw that Batman mask and put it on just playing around. I ended up buying it and when we got in the minivan I put it on and told my wife I'm BatDad lol. I made that first vine about driving a minivan with the mask on and we just cracked up. It was so fun I just kept making them. I started getting comments from a lot of parents telling me how funny they are and how they can relate. [BuzzFeed]