At midnight on Wednesday morning, nearly 1,800 titles disappeared from your Netflix catalog thanks to an expired deal between the streaming service and Warner Bros. Platoon. Dr. No. Big Daddy. Snatch. Sports Night. They're no longer available in your Instant Queue. Thank God you've still got Hemlock Grove on deck, though, right?

(Seriously, don't even bother with that show.)

The 1,794 titles include some classic MGM and Universal flicks that fall under the Warner Bros. umbrella. Instant Watcher has the full list of vanishing films and shows, though it seems that increased traffic brought on by the Great Netflix Purge of 2013 has caused some trouble with the site.

Last year, Netflix users experienced a similar purge when all of the Starz content was wiped from the streaming library. We managed to survive, though, because, when Netflix closes a door, it adds incredible political dramas like the original House of Cards and Aaron Sorkin's classic, The West Wing. Oh, and we only have 24.5 more days until the return of Arrested Development. Not that we're counting or anything. [Gizmodo]