A bill to legalize UberX and Lyft in Philadelphia could be taken up by the Pennsylvania legislature by Tuesday, officials said Sunday.

A Senate bill that would end the legal tug of war in Philadelphia surrounding the two ride hailing companies is expected to be considered by the House Tuesday, said Steve Miskin, spokesman for the house Republicans. The biggest challenge, he said, will be the host of amendments presently attached to the bill.

"What that final bill is going to look like I don't think anyone can tell you right now," Miskin said.

At issue is what level of regulatory oversight the Philadelphia Parking Authority will have over peer-to-peer driving services in Philadelphia. The companies don't recognize the PPA's authority to regulate them at present and have recently been embroiled in legal challenges brought by groups ranging from the city's cab drivers to advocates for people with disabilities.

Also in question is how the companies' revenue will be divided. A temporary authorization that gave these businesses a legal umbrella over the summer divided the revenue from a 1 percent tax between the Philadelphia School District and the PPA, with the district getting about two-thirds of the money.

A final form of the bill could be returned to the Senate as soon as Wednesday, Miskin said.