If there is any Web site that should be visited daily, it is undoubtedly

. After all, what other Web site can offset the amount of carbon your computer produces while you are using it? Care2 is a Web site based around supporting the general welfare of people, animals, and the environment by donating money to good causes. The trick is, instead of sending in money through a credit card, all the viewer has to do is click the mouse! Donations are made to various causes, including global warming, rescuing pets, saving the rainforest, feeding homeless children, stopping violence against women, and many more. Care2 is not a Web site that takes money from the viewer and spends it on numerous unknown things, but donates the money itself. Each time someone clicks on a picture of each of the various causes, sponsors of Care2 donate money to the cause. Some of these sponsors include Nature Valley, Horizon Organic, and the Breast Cancer Fund. Care2 also provides online petitions, email accounts, news and polls for free. Each time a person checks their email, sponsors also donate money to these causes. Viewers can access reliable support groups, live discussions, and nonprofit organizations through this Web site. I believe that Care2 is very beneficial to the public and should be commended for all of their hard work.

Danielle Cappello is a junior Wissahickon High School.