Last week, Ronald T. White walked out of the Cinnaminson Police Department in Burlington County after using fake $20 bills to post bail.

It didn't take long for police there to realize they'd been duped. They immediately signed an arrest warrant for forgery for the 35-year-old Camden man.

"As soon as you looked at it you could tell it was counterfeit," said Det. Sgt. William K. Covert.

So police aren't sure if White was brazen, dumb, or just plain broke when he walked into the department on Monday, claiming he had paid too much for his bail and wanted a refund. Now he's in the Burlington County Jail.

"When the guy walks into the station, it doesn't get much easier," Covert said. "We thought he was gonna flip out but he was like 'No big deal' "

Police arrested White at a Route 130 bus stop on July 7 on shoplifting charges for allegedly stealing clothes from Burlington Coat Factory and items a Shop-Rite in the township. According to Covert, White had two outstanding arrest warrants from Camden on minor violations, with bail set at $400. White, who had $900 on him when arrested, posted bail the following day.

When White went to Camden, police there told him the bail was only $200, and he should return to Cinnaminson for a refund. Covert said White had two more counterfeit $20 bills on him when he was arrested.

Covert said White claims he won the money playing "three card monte" at the Susqehanna Bank Center in Camden. The Secret Service has been notified.

White is now being held on $5,000 bail.