Type of Ad: Positive

Candidate: Lynne Abraham

By: Abraham for Mayor

Title: "First"

The Basics:  Lynne Abraham, sitting in a courtroom, talking about education. Huh? What's she doing in a courtroom? Because it gives the former district attorney a chance to tell viewers that she got a state Constitutional amendment passed that allows youth victims of assault to testify via remote TV and not have to endure a trial.  The ad features a young Heidi-looking girl sitting in a courtroom, staring at a judge, the jury, the audience and the smarmy-looking defendant. Yuck. The point? Abraham cares about children, she is effective, and she'll be effective in helping them get a good education.

Crit: This is the second in a series of ads about Abraham and education.  It also includes the line that one of her opponents favors charter schools, the other public schools and "I disagree."  We need to help all children get a good education.  She mentions Jim Kenney and Anthony Hardy Williams by name, but it's hardly an attack. More like a love tap.

I confess to being mystified by Abraham's approach.  She already did an effective ad that said: I am in favor of our kids getting a good education.  Now she has a second ad on the same theme?  I thought Abraham missed an opportunity in her last ad to jab her opponents on their support from SuperPACs.  A legitimate issue -- and one where Abraham could differentiate herself as the independent, not beholden to the special interests.  But, no. "First" has the feel of an cookie-cutter ad done by an out-of-town media consultant who is reading the polls that say education is a big issue -- and isn't aware of what is happening on the ground here. (What is happening is that Lynne is losing.)

Is the ad factual:  Yes.

Grade: On our Pass/Fail scale, it is a FAIL.  Nicely done, technically proficient, but more of the same old same old on the education issue. She did it once, why bother doing it twice? She needs to be more aggressive on behalf of her own cause.  Time is running out.