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Another week, another glimpse into new Eagles world

The Eagles opened OTAs to the media again Monday, providing us another blurry snapshot of the new landscape.

The previous Monday's peek was the first of the Chip Kelly era, so everything seemed exciting and new, from the blaring music to the relayed hand signals. Today's glimpse seemed more Monday hangoverish, starting with the fact that four players and offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland found they couldn't get back to Philadelphia after going home to the deep South-Southwest for the weekend, because of the bad weather down that way.

The pace was just as brisk, but the offense, perhaps with more plays heaped on its plate, seemed less sharp, with some dropped passes and illegal movement problems. The music seemed to be cranked up even higher, perhaps to blow away the cobwebs. Last week, Kelly took issue with our impression that Michael Vick took slightly more quarterbacking reps with the first team than Nick Foles. Kelly didn't talk today, so we're free to say, without fear of contradiction, that today Foles seemed to have more work.

If Kelly had DeSean Jackson lined up at nose tackle or anything, we didn't notice. We did notice LeSean McCoy leaving practice, getting stretched out on another field by a trainer. Later. as he carried his lunch through a NovaCare corridor, McCoy told a few reporters he had some knee soreness. The Eagles did not provide an update.

"It's still a challenge each and every day, but as far as us just being able to go out and play, I think it's getting easier for all the quarterbacks," Vick said.

Even with the extra opportunities afforded by Kelly's hurryup, cram-it-all-in pace, reps are being split among 5 QBs. Would Vick prefer more time in the backfield? (Almost wrote "under center." Nobody's ever under center in this offense.)

"You don't get an opportunity to get as many reps as you would if there were less quarterbacks," Vick agreed. 'Hey, you got to get as many mental reps as you can. That's what I try to do; I try to sit back and watch the other guys read the defense, think about the concepts and the plays, and try to be the bestr I can be when I step out there."

Vick estimated that about a third of the offense has been installed.

Vick was asked about his contention in a radio interview that Kelly had cured him of fumbling by showing him a new way of holding the ball.

"I always feel like I'm carrying the ball the right way. I feel like last year I fixed some things," Vicks said. "When  I'm running with the ball, I still have a tendency to keep it loose. He pulled me to the side and told me 'hold it like this.' I tried it and it felt good."

Vick didn't demonstrate his new grip.


Fletcher Cox, Cary Williams, Jason Peters and Patrick Chung were the players who experienced weather delays getting back to Philadelphia.