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Hangin' with the Drewmeister

Who was that loitering in the NovaCare parking lot on a muggy Wednesday afternoon? Why, everyone's favorite superagent, Drew Rosenhaus. He chatted aimiably and never once demanded to hear the "next question."

My mother always told me to beware strange men hanging out in parking lots, so your Eagletarian was a little wary when he heard someone calling his name across the rows of cars as he prepared to exit NovaCare early Wednesday afternoon

My trepidation eased when the driver's door of a rented white Lincoln swung open and the lacquered coif of Drew Rosenhaus appeared, just above the trademark sunglasses and bluetooth headset.

Rosenhaus said he was waiting for a few clients to emerge from the team meeting that followed yesterday's OTA activity. He confirmed that he has reached agreement on a deal for fifth-round rookie tight end Cornelius Ingram (the Eagles aren't going to make it official until they cut somebody to fit Ingram under the roster limit, though), and he said talks are progressing on a pact for second-round rookie running back LeSean McCoy. The Drewmeister also has acquired guard Max Jean-Gilles as a client, and is hoping to get something going there, as Jean-Gilles enters the final season of his contract, coming off a serious ankle injury.

The Eagles obviously want McCoy on hand from the July 26 opening of training camp, which shouldn't be a problem. For all the adventures Rosenhaus has authored with veteran clients, his rookies don't tend to hold out. "I haven't had a rookie holdout in five years," Rosenhaus said. He agrees that the Eagles' offense is tailor-made for McCoy, much as it was for Brian Westbrook.

Rosenhaus adroitly sidestepped a question about how McCoy might benefit if Westbrook really is on the decline, after knee and ankle cleanouts this offseason. He noted that "just about all the really good teams" are going to two-back systems, suggesting more than an apprentice role for McCoy, regardless of Westbrook's situation.


Thursday will end Eagles OTAs until training camp cranks up at Lehigh. Of course, before that there is the session in Arizona Donovan McNabb traditionally holds with his receivers. Tight end Brent Celek said McNabb hasn't given them any dates yet.