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No Preseason for Westy?

Dr. Mark Myerson said Brian Westbrook is "unlikely" to play in the preseason for the Eagles.

Eagles coach Andy Reid said Friday that Brian Westbrook's ankle report "seems like it's all positive right now," so the team probably won't immediately be looking to add to its rotation of running backs.

However, Dr. Mark Myerson, the Baltimore specialist who operated on Westberook's right ankle Friday, released a statement saying "it is unlikely he will be ready for preseason play."

It couldn't have helped Reid's mindset when rookie LeSean McCoy left Friday's indoor minicamp workout with what team head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder termed a left thumb sprain, after falling on the artificial surface. Reid said McCoy would be able to practice next week with his thumb taped; previously, Burkholder had said only that McCoy had a chance to practice next week. A team spokesman said McCoy was receiving treatment and was not available for comment.

Burkholder said Westbrook had bone fragments removed from the back and inside of his right ankle, one of which was irritating a tendon leading to Westbrook's big toe. He did not offer a recovery time, other than to say that Westbrook would not be able to put weight on his ankle for two weeks.

Burkholder said the surgery was a regular incision, rather than an arthroscopy, because "you can't 'scope that portion of his ankle." He said Myerson "did make an incision, go in and take out scar tissue, and then remove two bone fragments ... One of those fragments came from the ankle sprain he had last year, during the season (suffered in Week 3). The other one, we're not sure whether it came from the ankle sprain or it's been there and it didn't bother him."

Myerson's statement described the procedure and Westbrook's problem -- "an avulsion of bone at the back of the ankle" -- in similar terms, except that Myerson said Westbrook "will be immobilized in a boot for one month," rather than two weeks.

Burkholder indicated arthritis was present, but said it was common in such cases.

Burkholder did emphasize that he expects a full recovery, and vowed that Westbrook would "come back to training camp in the best shape of his life."