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Reid: Eagles Never Talked Specifics on Kolb

As so much time gets frittered away by the NFL lockout, people want to be believe something is getting done or has gotten done, that the offseason isn't just swirling down the drain. The biggest local complication has been the Eagles' inability to trade quarterback Kevin Kolb.

But some folks have cobbled together the way the Birds ignored a couple of key situations in the draft with a few other circumstances to create a comforting theory -- they think the team already has a deal in place for Kolb, but just can't make it official until the lockout is over.

Not so, Eagles coach Andy Reid said Tuesday on Comcast SportsNet's Daily News Live. Reid was appearing as part of the Eagles' promotion of the city high school all-star game, to be held Saturday at Lincoln Financial Field. Birds defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and special teams coordinator Bobby April will serve as honorary coaches.

Reid said the way he understood the prelockout offseason rules, "you weren't supposed to finalize any deals and even get into that type of talk about deals." Contrary to what some fans think, the brief thaw in the lockout during the draft did not loosen restrictions on trade discussion.

Reid said a number of teams indicated interest back before the league shut down, but "you don't know how serious they are, because in the National Football League, nothing happens until it has to happen."

He said the early talks were very general, and there has been no opportunity to revisit them.

"You have an idea of who's interested in quarterbacks ... but you couldn't do any deals then. You never got to that point where it's real serious; it was too far in advance," Reid said. "And you can't talk at all now. So, if he ends up going somewhere, more power to him, he deserves that opportunity. But I also like him here."