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Suddenly, it's August

The Eagles take the field for their final four days of organized team activities before training camp in heat as fierce as anything they usually see at Lehigh in August.

Hard to remember a NovaCare workout as hot as it's supposed to be today in South Philly. Maybe Butch Buchanico, Eagles security czar and ex-Philly cop, can get the city to open up a couple fire hydrants near the practice fields. Not for the players -- they have people running back and forth to bring them water -- for the reporters. I'm wearing my bathing suit, just in case. Here's what it looks like:

In other news, CBS Sportsline's always astute Clark Judge analyzes the trade market for four NFL stars, including the Birds' Lito Sheppard, quoting four NFL general managers on each player. The views vary widely. Reccuring themes RE Lito, though, seem to be injuries, the fact that he isn't a physical, Cover 2-type corner, and his desire for a new contract. That last reason, of course, is really the only reason the Eagles have looked at trading him. Judge's analysis underscores Joe Banner's statement last week to the Daily News -- that Lito will be with the Eagles this season. That sure seems like the wisest course, if Lito can live with it.

Also, Celtics fan Jeffrey Lurie mentioned last week he was going to Boston for Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday. Didn't mention he was taking Donovan McNabb, Brian Dawkins, and Brian Westbrook. This is the kind of schmooze-bonding Eagles management could do more of, frankly. Much obliged to for pointing out this link to us.

Somehow, we envision Westbrook's evening going something like this:

Westbrook: "Aahh, Mr. Lurie, thanks for the nachos, by the way, and the Paul Pierce light-up key chain with locator beacon -- I'm all the time losing my keys, this thing'll be just great --but there's something else I want to discuss, my compensa..."
     Lurie: "Brian -- did you see that move Rondo just made?? Gosh, that was sick. It reminds me of when I was a boy in the old Garden, watching Tiny Archibald!"

Westbrook: "Yes, it was very nice, you know, I played a lot like that before I hurt my knee at DeMatha, but Mr. Lurie, about my contra.."

Lurie: "Brian! Is that Leonardo Di Caprio? I think it is. Gosh, he's skinnier than Pinkston, isn't he?"

Westbrook: "Maybe. Could be. But Mr. Lurie, you know, I proved last season I could play at the highest level despite dings and sprains, and I think I deser..."

Lurie:  "Hey! Speaking of playing hurt, how 'bout that Paul Pierce! What a warrior! Brian, your keychain is only going to appreciate after this!"

Update: Westbrook said Monday he did not get a chance to talk to Lurie about money, but he reiterated that top performers should be paid.