As the powers-that-be continue trying to nail down just what is going to turn the American economy around, "green" industries are getting increased attention, as some reports indicate that the turbulence may either help or hinder progress in the green business sector.

Here in Philadelphia there's a site specifically devoted to green jobs - Green Jobs Philly. Run by Paul Glover, it provides tools for green businesses and consumers to hook up, and while the Web design could use a little polishing, the site is a treasure trove. They collect info of all kinds at both a grassroots and corportate level and send out a bimonthly email blast to subscribers. You can sign up or peruse the archives at

There's enough interesting stuff that it's a good bet that some future Earth to Phily posts will take off from something we find there. We've added the site to our blogroll, and suggest you check out Green Jobs Philly.