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Eagles pay tribute to Flyers

There is this perception in Philadelphia -- stoked by certain members of the media (cough, talk radio, cough, pandering columnists, cough) -- that the Eagles begrudge the other professional sports teams in the city when they are having varying levels of success.

For years, the Eagles dominated the sporting landscape, unchallenged by the mediocrity of the Phillies, Flyers and Sixers. But then the Phils built a new stadium, started reaching the playoffs and finally brought the championship-starved town a title two years ago with a World Series crown.

Some Eagles haters have used the Phils' success to poke at the Eagles front office, namely owner Jeffrey Lurie and team president Joe Banner. They also felt that the Eagles didn't do enough to recognize the Phils' championship, as if the organization should have paid for the parade down Broad Street or something.

In fact, the Eagles did offer congratulations to the baseball team on their video board outside Lincoln Financial Field and on the screen that stands above I-95. And they also posted a laudatory video on In actuality, the Eagles and Phils have an amiable relationship. Banner and Phils president Dave Montgomery are friends.

Still, some believed that the Phils' increasing popularity threatened the Eagles. Some suggested that the Phils had eclipsed the Eagles as the No. 1 sports team in town. It's a futile, tired argument, so there's no need to rehash it here.

Nevertheless, the Phils' recent accomplishments have given way to an improbable Flyers run during this year's Stanley Cup playoffs. The Flyers reached the finals with Monday night's Eastern conference championship series win over Montreal and are four wins from bringing the Cup back to Philly after a 35-year hiatus.

The Eagles recognized the Flyers' trip to the Finals with a congratulatory posting on their Web site. The page is centered in large font with the words "Let's Go Flyers!" and a Flyers emblem. And beneath that it says, "Congratulations Flyers! Good Luck In The Stanley Cup Finals." It was a nice gesture. Of course, if the Flyers do win the Cup it will only heighten the current Eagles ownership's inability thus far to bring a Super Bowl to Philly and the 50 years since the franchise's last NFL title.