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Nick Foles laughs off the 1,000-year comment, commits to "one day at a time"

Nick Foles laughed when asked whether he's started planning for the next 1,000 years, which is how long Chip Kelly joked Foles will be the starting quarterback for the Eagles.

"Just one day at a time. Knew that was coming," said Foles, who seldom makes any bold proclamations about his job. "Just thankful to be here, thankful to be playing, thankful to be healthy."

Kelly did not want to get into the semantics of a "franchise quarterback," although that seems to be the goal for Foles at this point. He's already been named the starter this season; he needs to show he can be the starter moving forward.

"Winning. You got to be smart, you got to make plays, you got to make big throws in clutch situations," Foles said when asked what it will take to be the franchise quarterback. "The big thing with a franchise your teammates need to believe on you. On and off the field. What do you do? Who are you?"

Foles is solid in that area -- he has the respect of the locker room, and is known to be a diligent work ethic with strong character. The next four games will be a test on the field.