The doing good part is simple: Marriage is a wonderful institution that knits people together into families which then become a critical part of their local communities. We all have close friends, or relatives, that are gay, and who deserve the opportunity to share the joys of marriage, and legally sanctioned, long-term relationships.

The doing well part is even simpler: Pennsylvania right now is struggling to provide quality education in our public schools, and sufficient medical care and services for the poor. Legalizing gay marriage can provide a big economic boost, generating much needed public funds.

It is estimated that there would be roughly 7,000 gay marriages expected in Pennsylvania with a marriage equality law. With the average same-sex wedding costing just over $9,000, our state could count on a major economic stimulus of $63,000,000 in local spending and nearly $3,800,000 in sales tax revenue.

As an owner of a Pennsylvania based catering company, we, as well as the State, would benefit from a change in the current laws. But in this case, we would be doing well, while also doing good.

Jeffrey Miller, CEO,, Philadelphia,

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