Thank you for a wonderful profile of Bernice Gordon, a truly remarkable woman. I'd like to add a personal note ("Clues to keep an active mind," Feb. 18).

A number of years ago my parents, well into their 80s, moved to Atria Center City after having lived in North Carolina their entire adult lives. Moving from a small southern city to Center City right next to the Parkway was quite an adjustment.

As the article notes, Bernice is a lifelong Philadelphian, and as we know, lifelong Philadelphians are sometimes not the most welcoming to transplants. But not Bernice. She welcomed my parents and helped make them feel at home.

Some time later, my father mentioned that one of his friends had been creating crossword puzzles for The New York Times for many decades and was still doing so. At first I thought he might have misunderstood something. Of course, I was the one who was mistaken for underestimating Bernice, which is not a very smart thing to do.

She is a real inspiration.

Darryl May, Wynnewood