But let us be thankful that the film office is not responsible for the stewardship of Philadelphia's historic buildings and places. With the sweep of her wand, film office chief Sharon Pinkenson would love to see the Boyd Theater interior demolished to make room for the proposed iPic Development.

Do a Google search and actually watch what iPic has in store for Philadelphia. In exchange for the demolition of the Boyd, we get an eight (8) screen cracker box movie theater, a high-end liquor license and what can only described as an Olive Garden-style Italian restaurant.

I can hardly wait. Oh, yes, I forgot. If you want cocktails with your movie, a lovely server will be happy to bring drinks to your seat as you recline on a chaise-lounge seat. Just like the Roman empire. After a few drinks, who knows what witty conversation you'll be sharing with other patrons.

Bernard J. Nearey, Philadelphia, bernardn@aol.com

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