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New Jersey
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Poll finds Christie approval steady, disapproval rising

A new poll out from Fairleigh Dickinson University finds that while the percentage of voters approving of the way Gov. Christie is handling his job has remained steady, the number who disapprove has jumped since March.

Fairleigh Dickinson's PublicMind Poll finds that 44 percent of voters approve of Christie's job performance, compared to 42 percent who disapprove. On March 30, 43 percent approved compared to 32 percent who disapproved.

"The Spam is hitting the fan," said Peter Wolley, the director of the poll. "As the breadth and depth of the budget cuts becomes known, people have hardened in their opinions."

Not surprisingly, Christie is less popular among households with public employees than those without, according to the poll, which was released Tuesday.

The good news for Christie? Sixty percent say the state shoudl hold the line on spending, even if programs have to be reduced. Only 23 percent say the stae should raise taxes if necessary to support state programs.

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