Drugmakers Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi have a pending deal involving an element of J&J's consumer products subsidiary, McNeil PPC Inc., according to a posting on the Federal Trade Commission web site.

But the deal will not include selling the McNeil Consumer Healthcare facility in Fort Washington, Montgomery County, according to McNeil spokeswoman Barbara Montresor.

McNeil PPC has several units, including McNeil Consumer Healthcare, and products such as Band Aids, Tylenol and Listerine.

Montresor declined comment on the specifics of the deal and whether there would be any employment impact in Fort Washington, which is undergoing repairs after production was halted in April 2010. The FDA and a federal judge will have to approve resumption of production.

"We continue to develop our manufacturing facility in Fort Washington, we have met all of our consent decree milestones and expect to be ready for FDA certification at the end of 2013," Montresor said.

As for what brands might be going to Sanofi, Montresor said only, "We regularly evaluate our brand portfolio and consider growth options for all of the brands."

Sanofi spokesman Jack Cox said, "We don't comment on pending business development transactions."