Life in Camden

There's people in this world that I just don't like

All day, every day they love to fight

They need to know that there's more to life

They need to know that it just ain't right

A lot of people everywhere think that life's a joke

Until they grow up and live to be broke

They never, ever obey the rules

And they can't even make it through high school

Girls havin' babies now a days

What's up with that?

They're not ready to open their legs

It's really a shame that the world's become

You don't see me doing that because of where I'm from

When you walk around all you see is trash

Borrowing or owing somebody some cash

People on the streets begging for change

Holes in their shirts and all covered in stains

Lil' boys on the corner, smokin' that weed

Knowing they need to go home and learn how to read

I hate to see people just give up

It makes me feel like I want to erupt

Life ain't about what she said, he said

Or what she wrote

That's why I know that - Life

It ain't no joke.