Cherry Hill Mayor Bernie Platt, citing declining revenues and state aid, has introduced a township budget calling for property-tax hikes and reductions in township staff.

The budget announcement, made at a Township Council meeting Monday night, comes as local governments across New Jersey are grappling with similar financial issues.

"Striking this tax rate for the next six months makes me angry as hell and further solidifies my belief that the current tax system and the state itself is broken," Platt, a Democrat, said in a statement released Tuesday.

Cherry Hill's tax rate will increase 8 percent for the first six months of the fiscal year, which begins July 1. That amounts to a $98 tax increase on a $140,000 home for that period.

Dan Keashen, spokesman for the mayor's office, said the council hoped to bring the rate down for the second half of the year.

"We have a significant revenue problem," he said. "Our expenses are contracting, but our revenues are falling at a much faster rate."

The coming fiscal year's budget is estimated at $61.6 million, $2.3 million less than the current year's.

The spending cuts come largely through a 10 percent reduction in the township's workforce of about 300.

Phil Guerrieri, a local Republican who has run unsuccessfully against Platt, said the staff cuts were not sufficient, and council members needed to reduce employee salaries.

"They're not doing enough," he said. "When you're out of money, you shouldn't be spending money."