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New Jersey restaurants, movie theaters, and performance venues can resume indoor operations starting Friday, all with 25% capacity. “Again, none of that may be totally, completely, like-it-was-in-the-old-days normal. But those are big steps that we’re going to take together,” Gov. Phil Murphy said.

Residents of the encampment on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway must officially vacate the area by 9 a.m. on Sept. 9, the city announced yesterday. City officials posted their third eviction notice about a week after a federal judge ruled that the city could clear the camp. The camp has supported about 150 people experiencing homelessness for more than two months, my colleagues Ellie Rushing, Alfred Lubrano, and Samantha Melamed report. Residents of smaller encampments in the city must also vacate by next Wednesday.

The Evans brothers have been in prison for nearly 40 years for a robbery that became a murder when the victim suffered a heart attack and died. The Horton brothers have served 27 years for a robbery and fatal shooting. Both sets of brothers rejected deals that would have gotten them out after five or 10 years. They both say that a third perpetrator was the principal actor and is now out of prison.

Neither set of brothers has been granted clemency. But they now both have their best shots at Board of Pardons hearings. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman chairs the five-member Board of Pardons and has championed their cases, my colleague Samantha Melamed reports.

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“The fall season’s cancellation is unnecessary, but reflects the overall incompetence and moral failure of those in charge to properly address the challenges posed by the virus. Our kids are sacrificing the best years of their lives to control the spread of the virus, even though we now have a better grasp on how to control it.” — writes Fishtown attorney A.J. Thomson about the debate over playing high school sports this fall.

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A 68-year-old lifelong angler caught a brown trout that set a Pennsylvania record, according to the state Fish and Boat Commission. The fish weighed 20 pounds and nine ounces, and was 33.75 inches long.