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Nagy Nixed; DiMichele Returns

The NFL disapproved the contract of 31-year-old coaching intern and former Arena League quarterback Matt Nagy, signed after Kevin Kolb sprained an MCL on Monday. The Eagles are signing minicamp quarterback Adam DiMichele, so DiMichele can play Thursday, agent Jerome Tierney confirmed.

Neither the league nor the team (including Nagy) wanted to explain what happened. One possible inference is that the NFL does not want teams stashing extra players, above the roster limit, in "internships," just in case someone gets hurt. There is no evidence the Eagles did that -- this is Nagy's second summer at Birds camp, so if they were planning a slick move, they sure planned it well in advance. But you can see how a team might look at the Eagles' signing of Nagy and think having a few guys like that around wouldn't be a bad move.

More to the point, though, a league source said, was the status of Nagy's contract with the moribund Arena League. Apparently, you need to research such contracts to make sure your team or your league won't be sued if you sign the guy, who still has a contract, even if his league isn't playing, and the Eagles didn't do that.

The former Delaware star practiced Tuesday morning, held a news conference afterward, before the league's ruling, then was back in his coaching shorts for the 2:45 afternoon workout, his Eagles playing career over.

The Eagles are just trying to get through the week, believing Kolb will be back at practice very soon. But they do have that game to play. Hope DiMichele remembers a lot from May and June.


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