Eagles coach Andy Reid received more questions about what went wrong in Sunday's win than what went right during his day-after news conference, and wondered why.

"This feels like we lost the game," he said. "I'm pretty excited that we won the game."

Reid again lauded his defense, which bottled up the Dolphins

"I thought our defense did a nice job," he said. "Any time you get nine sacks against a good football team, three turnovers, the safety, the third down percentage they had, the fourth down percentage they had means you are doing some things very well. It always starts up front. The defensive line did a nice job and it carried through rest of the group."

He said the offense could improve. "We all could have done a better job on offense."

Reid was not at all interested in talking about the possible scenario for his team to still make the playoffs.

"I'm excited at the opportunity that we have to play the New York Jets this weekend," he said. "That's what our focus is going to be and trying to get better as a football team."

Reid said he watched a little bit of the Giants-Cowboys game Sunday night.

"Looked like a pretty good game. Looks like they battled pretty good. Give credit to Eli. He did a nice job there."

On DeSean Jackson: : "He played very well. I felt that way last week. He's got a great attitude about him and he's all in … He's just getting warmed up. He's done some good things. He attracts a lot of attention… That's what he's had this year. "

On the young linebackers: The Dolphins have some good inside receivers and tight ends. I thought our guys played disciplined in there, did a nice job on that. I'm happy with the improvement they made and the safeties likewise. They're all young guys in there and getting better every week. We have to keep going."

On Juqua Parker and Brandon Graham still being sidelined: "[Parker] has been with us a long time. A high ankle sprain is no fun. You take steps forward and take some back. Juqua can still play the game as can Brandon. Brandon's future is very bright. We're lucky to have both those guys. It just worked with [Philip] Hunt this week [being active]. He's been giving us fits on defense on the scout team and I felt he needed an opportunity."

On the fans: "I'd like to thank the fans for the great job that they did yesterday supporting us down there. At times, it was almost like a home game. Tremendous, tremendous support. We appreciate their game coming out in a game that the weather wasn't great and giving us the support they did."