Look, we all know the first two Rocky movies are great. You're introduced into the series' universe, Stallone's goofball charm hits you for the first time, and we all fell in love with a character that defined a city. But, seriously, Rocky IV is the best in the series, and information design firm Fathom has the documents to prove it.

Released as part of their 'Morphology' series, Fathom's look at the Rocky movies codifies each film into an easy to read graph showing where every notable event is—from montages to training and fight scenes. And, well, the other five movies ain't got nothing on Ivan Drago:

As you can see, minute-for-minute, Rocky IV is notably more action-packed, showing a slew of pre-fight and fight scenes that had us all glued to the screen. Montages appear tastefully peppered throughout, backed by minimal training footage and balanced perfectly with only absolutely necessary dialogue. It is, in essence, the perfect Rocky film.

The worst Rocky movie, though? The sixth one, but you didn't need a graph to tell you that.