NPR's "All Things Considered" show spotlighted a North Camden Little League program on Tuesday, and helped a documentary project about the players and the neighborhood exceed a $15,000 Kickstarter campaign goal.

The radio broadcast (link here) resulted in "a flurry of donations,"  says filmmaker and journalist Steve Patrick Ercolani, who freelanced the piece to NPR. "Until then, we were kind of on our last legs, about $3,000 short."

Ercolani, 26, a Haddonfield native, and collaborator Gabe Dinsmoor, 25, of Baltimore, have been shooting periodically in North Camden's Pyne Poynt park since the spring. Read my previous blog post about their project here; read Ercolani's Huffington Post story here.

Now a fellow with Atlantic Media in Washington, D.C., Ercolani says the filmmakers have been invited to submit the unfinished documentary (working title, "Pyne Poynt")  to an independent film festival in Los Angeles.

They hope to partner with a production house and complete the project by August, 2014.