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Early Birds: Steve Spagnuolo on Sam Bradford, Eagles propose changes to extra point, and Darren Sproles ranked No. 81 player in the NFL

Steve Spagnuolo says Bradford is in a good scheme for his skill set with Chip Kelly.

1) Steve Spagnuolo remembered Sam Bradford's workout at Oklahoma in 2010 when Spagnuolo was the St. Louis Rams' head coach with the No. 1 pick and Mike Holmgren ran the Cleveland Browns and had the No. 7 pick. According to Spagnuolo, Holmgren tried doing everything he could to acquire Bradford. The workout was that impressive, and Bradford was as attractive of a quarterback prospect in recent memory.

"He still can be that," Spagnuolo said Wednesday on 97.5 The Fanatic.

Spagnuolo referenced Bradford's "great first year," when Bradford was the rookie of the year and the Rams won seven games. Then offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur left to become the head coach in Cleveland and the Rams hired Josh McDaniels as offensive coordinator. The NFL had a lockout throughout the summer, and it slowed the team's transition to the new system when the lockout ended in July.

Spagnuolo pointed to an October 2011 game when Bradford completed 29 of 45 passes for 328 yards while running a no-huddle offense. The offense showed signs of life, but Bradford injured his ankle on the last play of the game. He was never the same the rest of the season.

Spagnuolo said that Bradford is a "better athlete than people think," and pointed to Bradford's ability as a hockey player, basketball player, and a golfer.

Injuries have just been an ongoing issue, and Spagnuolo acknowledged the "injury bug."

Now the New York Giants' defensive coordinator, Spagnuolo will be tasked with trying to stop Bradford twice this season. That, of course, requires Bradford to be healthy after missing most of the two past two seasons with two torn ACLs.

"I know he's going to do great things there," Spagnuolo said.

Spagnuolo said Bradford can "make all the throws" and is in a good scheme for his skill set with Chip Kelly.

"Trust me when I tell you he's got all the skills, and I keep going back to the fierce competitor because I believe elite quarterbacks in this league have that," Spagnuolo said. "You think of them all, the Aaron Rodgers, the Tom Bradys, the Peyton Mannings, Eli Mannings, they're all very fierce competitors. They love the challenge. They love to rally people around them, and Sam has that. I really believe that."

2) The NFL will consider three proposals for changing the extra point at the spring meetings next weeks. One is from the Eagles.

The Eagles proposed snapping from the 15-yard line for an extra point, but moving the ball to the 1-yard line for a two-point conversion. They also want the two-point conversion to be a live play for the defense, so they can return it for two points on a turnover.

The Patriots prosped the same extra point, but the two-point conversion from the 2-yard line.

The competition committee's proposal is somewhat of a combination. They want the two-point conversion from the 2-yard line, but they also want it to be live for the defense to return for two points, too.

3) Darren Sproles was ranked the No. 81 player in the NFL, according to the NFL Network's "Top 100" players pool. Sproles made his first Pro Bowl in 2014 after finishing with two punt return touchdowns and a 13.0-yard average on 39 returns. He also caught 40 passes for 387 yards and rushed 57 times for 329 yards and six touchdowns.