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Kolb: "It's not frustrating"

Last week, Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb was asked about the prospects of having to sit for another season -- and possibly more -- behind Donovan McNabb. The third-year pro answered as you would hope a would-be starting QB would answer such a question, but it created a mini-firestorm on what had to be a slow news day.

To recap, he said: "I don't know if 'frustrating' is the word, but I'm getting a little bit antsy." Frustrating, though, was the word he used when he asked about the possibility of McNabb getting a contract extenstion beyond the two years left on his deal. "That'll be frustrating," Kolb said. "But, shoot, what are my options? I'll just come out here and execute and show them I can be the guy they want me to be."

Kolb, no dummy, was asked again today if busting his tail off in practice and not seeing the fruits of his labor come game time was frustrating [There's that word again.] "It's not frustrating," he said. "I'm getting better here every day. I got better today than I was yesterday. So as long as I keep that mentality, I'll be fine."

How's he getting better?

"Just being smooth out there," Kolb said. "One thing is being natural with it. OK, you get coached, you get coached, you get coached, and you're trying to do everything right, and then work that back into your natural playing mode. And that's what I'm trying to do now is not be a robot and get out there and play through my natural ability and let the two mesh together and that's when you're going to be your best."

One other Kolb tidbit: The Texas native is a pretty serious fisherman and has been doing it competitively for the last two years. He was in a tournament last week. So how did he do? "Not very good, but that's fishing," Kolb said. "You never know when you're going to go out there and get skunked." Sounds a little like playing quarterback.

Check tomorrow's Inquirer for more on Kolb.