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Letters Extra: Looking ahead to next report card

This bill shows that the governor and the General Assembly understand the critical role our infrastructure plays in our state's economy. Their leadership on this piece of legislation will create jobs, bring businesses into Pennsylvania, and better our quality of life

This bill is a critical first step, and with some of the oldest bridges in the nation, we will need to keep up this momentum. A few years ago, the Pennsylvania Sections of the American Society of Civil Engineers released a Report Card for Pennsylvania's Infrastructure. We found that our state wastewater, transit, stormwater, roads, waterways, and drinking water all suffered from "D" grades, or lower.

We often don't realize that all infrastructure is connected. When a water main bursts, it floods our roads, wreaking havoc on the pavement, backing up traffic, and forcing more drivers onto other systems. Likewise, highways are only as good as the bridges, airports, parks, and schools they are connected to. This coming March, we will be releasing the 2014 Report Card for Pennsylvania's Infrastructure, and will once again offer our leaders an opportunity to address our most pressing needs.

We thank the governor and both parties in the General Assembly for passing the transportation bill, and look forward to working with them in the coming year to help raise Pennsylvania's infrastructure grades. Our economic growth depends on it.

Ann M. Tomalavage, P.E., PMP, LEED AP, chair, 2014 Report Card for Pennsylvania's Infrastructure,
American Society of Civil Engineers, Pottstown

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