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More letters, August 3

Government is like an alcoholic

The government's agreement to cut spending in 10 years is the equivalent of an alcoholic agreeing to stop drinking in 10 years.

Vincent P.A. Benedict, Collegeville

Not impressed with debt compromise

The debt reduction bill before Congress is akin to a woman, after nine months of pregnancy, who brings forth an amoeba.

Bill Hinski, Harleysville

Democrats should act like Democrats

It appears we have two political parties, the Moderate Republicans (formerly known as Democrats) and the Conservative Republicans who should be known as always right.  Why else would the Democrats cave in to the Republicans even when they had both houses of Congress and the Presidency?

The Democrats must feel they are doing something wrong because the Republicans always control the debate.  The voters see the Democrats as weak and they are.  The Dems took the Republican cues and took a bath in 2010. They took the defeat as a repudiation of their policies but it was really a referendum on their leadership. The present debt ceiling agreement is a case in point. According to some experts the present deal is a disaster in a weak economy and a further giveaway to moneyed interests and the wealthy.

Not raising revenues is appalling and unfair to the middle class which will be the victims of the cuts. Obama will do anything to be reelected and will ride an economic disaster to the vote in 2012. When the Republicans take the White House they will shower the wealthy even more and raise spending to boost the economy.

Jim Kippen, Plymouth Meeting

Tea Party fights domestic tyranny

The letter to the editor asserting that the Tea party movement could lead to tyranny is not only misguided but is almost comical. Tyranny is defined as "arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority". This is a perfect definition of what our current leftist government is doing to all of us. Big government steals our liberty by taxing and regulating us to death.

How can a movement (the tea party) that want a smaller, limited federal government possibly lead to tyranny? The writer  really needs to do a bit more research and stop regurgitating what the liberal left is feeding her.

Gregg DeRosa, Souderton