The anniversary of the 76ers' trade of Allen Iverson to the Denver Nuggets means it's also the 1-year anniversary of the arrival of Andre Miller.

Miller was part of the package from the Nuggets Dec. 19 of last season, along with Joe Smith and his expiring contract and two first-round draft choices.

The Sixers used their own pick on Georgia Tech freshman Thaddeus Young, transformed the first pick from the Nuggets - via a deal with the Miami Heat - into Colorado State's Jason Smith, and traded the second pick from the Nuggets, eventually coming out with Providence's Herbert Hill and the since-waived Derrick Byars, of Vanderbilt.

Iverson has said many times he's happy. Miller, ever soft-spoken off the floor, said, "I'm adjusting."

"I approach any team with the same mentality every year, to come out and try to get better," he said.

Still, when Philadelphia reporters first spoke to the veteran point guard via a telephone conference call, he was idly driving the streets of the Denver area in the aftermath of a blizzard.

"It was the first time being moved during the season," Miller said, recalling the moment. "I went to Denver as a free agent. When I went from Cleveland to L.A. [the Clippers], it was during the summer. You deal with it, and you move on . . . I took it in stride."

His reaction to the trading of Iverson, a four-time scoring champion and 2000-01 MVP, after more than a decade with the Sixers?

"Anybody is surprised when a guy of that level, who has done a lot for an organization, is traded," Miller said. "He did as much as he could. Hats off to him. It was time for a change, and I was involved in it." *