Only Your Eyes Can Extinguish My Rage

Only your eyes can extinguish my rage

Beauty on fire with both desire and rage

the sky cries for freedom it lasts all day

Outside in outer space is trapped

by lack of gravity

so now everything keeps drifting keeps floating

Out of place you are my sky

tears run down your face

Burning flesh peals off your fingers

Keeps you from writing their for thinking

Also living

Are you kidding

Is it true

Do you really love me the way I've always loved you

I can smell the burning

I can taste your rain

The color of your eyes

Makes endorphins in my brain

Go insane

I'm not the same anymore

Cause your name makes my heart soar

Makes me want more

Okay here's the thing I lost my favorite ring

In the ocean

The motion of the waves

Washed our love away

Or so I thought

This world is lost

In misinterpretation

Theirs no coincidence

Only the idea of coincidence

My feet didn't lead me to your house

I told them too.