2407 Fostertown Rd., Hainesport.




Average Sunday morning attendance, 550.


Joseph Scro, senior pastor; Ray Valdez, pastor of worship; James Duff, pastor of youth; Andy Mosley, pastor of ministries; Jane Schurr and Paula Clemens, secretaries; Charles Newell, maintenance; Bernice Hinkson, custodial.

Volunteers oversee ministries ranging from Bible classes for all ages, handbell choirs for age 4 through adult, home small groups around the region, various junior/senior high activities, young adult fellowships, and growth groups for seniors, widows, men and women.


Easton Bible Church originated from the Easton Union Sunday School in 1911 and began holding classes on Sunday morning, followed by a worship service that evening. Earliest records show attendance averaging about 30. The church was organized in 1921 with the purpose being "the worship of Almighty God in accordance with the accepted tenets of the Protestant faith, but without denominational affiliation." Originally a one-room structure, the Easton school building had insufficient space, so in 1944 the congregation purchased the adjoining Easton Friends Meeting House and property. This building was expanded in 1960 and a separate sanctuary constructed in 1964 to provide worship and educational space for the growing congregation. Further growth led to the need for the Family Life Center (gymnasium) and Learning Center (classrooms) in 1991 and 2004.

What began as the Easton Union Sunday School evolved into Easton Union Church, which further developed into Easton Bible Church in 2003 to better reflect the foundation and purpose of the congregation. Today, the regional congregation of Easton Bible Church is multigenerational, drawing from the ever-expanding surrounding population.

What makes you proud of your house of worship?

Easton's vision is to be a church known in our region for its teaching of God's timeless message in a timely manner, transforming 21st-century people into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. We hold to the complete authority of the Bible and application of its truths to lives today. As a result, we have an anchor in what is frequently turbulent water of spiritual thought and practice.

While many churches lumber under the statistic that 20 percent of the people do all the work, that is definitely not true for Easton. More than 60 percent of our attendees are regularly serving others both inside and outside the church. Some write notes of encouragement and prayer to others; some transport free bread so that many can save on their expenses; some diligently disciple younger believers in the faith; and the list goes on.

As a multigenerational church, we have successfully incorporated both traditional and contemporary worship styles in separate services and other venues.

Historically and still true today, Easton maintains a sharp focus on international and local missions. Not only does a major portion of our annual budget support mission efforts, but out of the 26 missionaries and organizations supported, more than 25 percent of those are individuals sent out directly from Easton. Additionally, we conduct youth and adult mission adventures locally and internationally each year.

How do you see your congregation's role in your community or in today's society as a whole?

Our congregation is a group of people transformed from spiritual death to never-ending life with God because of trust in the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on their behalf. Therefore, they are empowered by Christ to live in a manner that honors and praises Him. Equipped with His power and the truth of the Bible, they are able to influence their families, friends, coworkers, neighbors and others for eternity.

Worship schedule:

8:15 a.m. (contemporary style) and 11 a.m. (traditional style) Sunday; 9:45 a.m., Sunday Bible education for all; 6 p.m., Sunday Night Light Bible study and special events; 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, IMPACT! (dinner, Bible studies, prayer, small groups, Pioneer Boys, Explorer Girls, youth activities); Bible studies and small groups throughout the week.



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