Dear Readers,

Beginning soon is a feature designed to give religious congregations of all faiths an opportunity to introduce themselves to you.

A member or leader at each house of worship is asked to describe the congregation and its missions in his or her own words. Please include the following:

Name of congregation

Street address and town

Affiliation or denomination

Size of congregation

Brief history of the congregation

Staff (include special ministries)

What makes you proud of your house of worship? (Please be specific - include outreach efforts, special projects, special ministries, unique qualities of your congregation)

How do you see your congregation's role in your community or in today's society as a whole?

Days and hours of services

Phone and Web site address

And please send a digital photograph or jpeg (about 4 megs, 200 DPI, more or less) of the cleric, staff, the congregation during a service, or the building with people outside (for example, people coming toward the camera as they leave after a service). If you don't send a photo, though, we may still publish your responses.

E-mail your questionnaire responses and photos to

For more information, contact me at 856-779-3899 or

Thank you,

Philippa J. Chaplin

Neighbors editor