I Hear America

I hear America gasping,

gasping for breath as it struggles

to come out of the fight it

is in

I hear the screams of a mother who

finds out that her son will not be

coming home

I hear the soft whimpers of a young

daughter who longs to be held in her

daddy's arms once again

I hear the politicians on TV trying to

convince us that their way is the

right way

But it's all lies.

I hear the soldier's pleas and cries

as he realizes that he's about to draw

his last breath

I hear the soft sounds of the trumpet at

a mass funeral for soldiers

who proudly gave their lives for their country

I hear the sound of a young wife's heart

break with the realization that her unborn

child will never know its father

I hear the sounds of fighter planes

dropping bombs on the city below

I hear the distress of the people

as they run and hide

These are the sounds of America that I hear.

What do you hear?