Standing at the Grand Canyon

O you cold, dark night!

Shrouding all from view!

Shrouding the secrets of man,

Shrouding by your cloak of darkness!

My face! warm, from

the wind you produce!

My feet, inches from the ledge

I know your dark cloak hides.

My eyes travel over your moonlit,

star struck! sky.

The knowing of one wrong step,

deep down into the unknown.

The excitement! and the fear enthralls my heart,

The cover you put on my eyes,

shields me from the truth of death.

The wondrous ability you have on this earth! every night!

You star speckl'd vastness!

You deep, dark wonder!

You entice me with the secrets that you hide!

You dark path that leads me to a deceiving edge,

with one more step to plunge me into darkness!

You path of many men, the direction previously walk'd,

the new adventures found by others

You lead me to this beauty!

You wondrous sight! right in front of my eyes,

reminds me of the grandeur in this industrial world and

of how gorgeous nature truly is.