Diamontae is thinking about his future. He might become a professional football player, or an electrical engineer or a nurse. In the meantime, the 10-year-old has a variety of interests to keep him busy. Among them are playing football, basketball and miniature golf, video games, swimming, reading, and watching cartoons. He recently signed up to play in a football program. His favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

A talkative youngster, Diamontae gets along well with everyone. He is in the fourth grade, and benefits from special education services. Math and science are his favorite subjects.

Diamontae would thrive with a loving, patient, supportive family that would provide a stable environment for him. He would like to join a family that has children so he would have brothers or sisters to play with. Ideally, his adoptive family would take him to an Eagles game once in a while. Diamontae is eligible for financial subsidy.

Adoptive parents do not need to have a specific income and they do not need to own their own homes. This kind of adoption is virtually free and many of the children are eligible for financial subsidy.

Diamontae and other children are available for adoption by approved applicants. For a free information packet contact the National Adoption Center, 1500 Walnut St., Suite 701, Philadelphia 19102. Call 215-735-9988, or visit the Web site at www.adopt.org.