Get out! Youse call that a Philly accent? No way.

After Jimmy from Philly (as in, Hizzoner, Mayor Kenney) watched Jimmy from The Tonight Show (as in, Jimmy Fallon) struggle with the Philadelphia accent during a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, the mayor couldn't help but offer some advice on the local customs, via Twitter. Like where to get the best hewgie.

"I'll take suggestions," Fallon tweeted back.

Kenney, for whom the Philly accent comes naturally, responded with suggestions:

The Twitter exchange took place after Fallon and Tina Fey showed up as guests on Saturday Night Live, where they played two undecided female voters from the Philadelphia suburbs and debated the merits of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Fey's accent was impeccable. Fallon's, not so much.

Fallon, cross-dressing and wearing an Eagles sweatshirt over a pink turtleneck, broke down laughing several times as he struggled with phrases like, "Men are always going to be grewse."

"I apologize. I've been on vacation, so my accent ... " Fallon said mid-skit.

The mayor wasn't the only one to comment on Fallon's efforts to summon the local dialect.

Fallon acknowleged on Twitter that he needs more practice: "I'm off to Philly to work on my accent. Or the south? Or England? It's tricky, man. Love ya Philadelphia! #hewgie"