Disgraced Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams needs to pack up his desk without further delay and walk out of the office for the last time.

A federal grand jury charged him last week with 23 counts of bribery, fraud, and other crimes for allegedly bartering his office for luxury vacations, a used Jaguar, an iPad, and other trinkets. Prosecutors say he even skimmed money from an account that was supposed to cover his 84-year-old mother's nursing home expenses.

Williams may want to stick around to continue collecting his $175,572-a-year salary, but taxpayers shouldn't have to pay him to spend his final days in office preparing for a corruption trial.

Since 2015, the city has endured revelations about Williams' questionable behavior, including his admitted failure to disclose gifts. The specter of a prosecutor who ignores simple ethics undermines the legal system.

A court will eventually determine Williams' guilt or innocence, but the public shouldn't have to wait that long to have a district attorney who can focus on serving the public, not himself.