Shouldergate really isn't an insidious coverup of some serious Donovan McNabb injury, Andy Reid told your Eagletarian today, at the end of an interview focused on a future project.

Reid said he shut down McNabb for the final day of last month's first minicamp just to be super-cautious, that McNabb was experiencing only "a little tightness," and no pain. Reid said he thought everything would be fine, but when McNabb experienced soreness at the camp that started last week, he got the QB checked out.

Reid said MRI results were negative for a problem, which was why Reid emphasized that no surgery was in the offing when he spoke briefly with reporters on Tuesday, announcing McNabb wouldn't throw again this week because of "slight tendinitis."

To update, after watching yesterday's workout, McNabb again declined to talk to reporters about his shoulder, except to declare, "I'm good, I'm great."

Meanwhile, Randy Moss had better watch out. There seems to be an Eagles curse, afflicting guys who come close to signing free agent deals here, then go elsewhere. You might have noticed that LeCharles Bentley hasn't played for two seasons after tearing up a knee, the summer following Bentley's bait-and-switch with the Birds. The Eagles were ready to announce they had signed the Pro Bowl center, but he used their offer to get a better deal from his hometown Browns.

Now, there's Ryan Fowler. In last year's offfseason, ex-Cowboys linebacker Fowler agreed to terms with the Eagles, but a mixup between his agent and the Titans' front office resulted in the Titans not getting back to the agent until after the Birds had announced they were signing him. Turned out the Titans were offering more money. Oops. The Eagles graciously refrained from criticizing anybody, as Fowler excused himself and headed for Tennessee.

Well, this week comes the news that David Jacobs, the convicted steroids dealer who died last week, alleged he provided Fowler with steroids before and after the 2006 season -- which would have been right around the time Fowler was dallying with becoming an Eagle. Fowler's attorney denies the allegation.

Also, something I meant to get to earlier in the week: Peter King faults Asante Samuel, not Rodney Harrison, for David Tyree's miracle catch in the Super Bowl.