Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell joined Project HOME president Sister Mary Scullion Monday for a discussion of signing up people for the health insurance as part of the Dr. Martin Luther King day of service. They gathered at the Project HOME's Stephen Klein Wellness Center at the corner of 22nd Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue in Philadelphia.The Project HOME website is


"I am pleased to introduce to you the woman who is leading the charge for quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans," Scullion said in her introduction of Burwell to the people gathered in the lobby. "On this anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's birth, I can think of no other issue that deserves the attention and support of all Americans more than making healthcare accessible to all."

Burwell, who took over HHS from Kathleen Sebelius in June of 2014, said the Klein Wellness Center was chosen for a day of service visit because Project HOME is helping the uninsured apply for health insurance in advance of the Feb. 15 deadline. The center is across the street from the Martin Luther King Adult Center. The face of the building includes a photo-mural of King and other civil rights leaders during the march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala., in 1965.

"Affordable, quality healthcare and access to it - that is what the Affordable Care Act is a about," Burwell said in her remarks to the crowd. "Those people who come back to the [healthcare insurance] marketplace, eight out of 10 can find a plan for $100 or less per month. That's the cost of your cell phone bill."

PhillyPharma will have more from Burwell and Scullion later in the week.