School district officials said these 15 administrators are not certified to run their schools. However, the district said, all 15 have taken steps to get their paperwork up to date. They are:

Joe Dixon, Birney Elementary School

Willie Fisher, Barry Elemen-tary

Timothy Stults, University City High

Kevin Parson, Clymer Elementary

Schnee Grayson, Parkway West High

Reginald Fisher, Frankford High

Ignace Wolf, Wilson Middle School

Angela Edwards, McMichael Elementary

Saliya Cruz, West Philadelphia High

Aaron Starke, Huey Elemen-tary

Ron Reilly, Willard Elementary Beverly Wallace, Lincoln High

Marilyn Quarterman, Ellwood Elementary

Lynda Benhaim, Military Academy at Leeds

Ximena Carreno, Munoz-Marin Elementary