Six was the magic number last night for Donald Reed, of Harrisburg, as he became the sixth winner of the

Daily News

Home Run Payoff contest after a Chris Coste blast in the bottom of the sixth inning.

"Looks like I'll forever be a Chris Coste fan," said Reed with a laugh. "I've been a Phillies fan since they blew it in 1964, and still remember the parade down Broad Street in '80 like it was yesterday."

Coincidentally, Reed has been mulling a return to Philadelphia in the upcoming months. Now his newfound wealth will bring him and his family one step closer.

"We have been trying to get back into the [Philadelphia] area," Reed said. "This just makes it a little easier for us to get the ball rolling."

There were 10 other winners in the Daily News Home Run Payoff contest yesterday.

Each winning a Phillies gift pack in the sixth inning were:

Joyce Zamorski, Philadelphia

Elizabeth Mooney, Philadelphia

John Bell, Collingdale

Joe Raineri, Philadelphia

Shannon Mataka, Pottsville

Loretta Healey, Philadelphia

John Scott, Washington Crossing

Jennifer Garced, Philadelphia

Jim Martin, Philadelphia

Linda Mason, Philadelphia

Over the weekend, six others claimed prizes in the Daily News Home Run Payoff contest. Each winning a Phillies gift pack in the fifth inning of Sunday's game were:

Gloria Frazier, Camden, N.J.

Richard Grill, Springfield

Maria Vargas, Philadelphia

Each winning a Phillies gift pack in the fourth inning of Saturday's game were:

Willie Hooks, Philadelphia

Bobby Coyle, Philadelphia

Raymond Stephens, Philadelphia

The Daily News pays $1,000 for a home run hit in the Payoff inning and $10,000 for a grand slam. Contestants whose batters fail to hit a home run receive a gift pack, which includes a variety of Phillies-related items.

This season, the Daily News has paid out $6,000.

You can hear the Home Run Payoff inning during each Phillies broadcast on WPHT (1210-AM).

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