IT MEANS "Tower of Light" in Hebrew and has been called as important to Israel as the nation's defense system.

The Migdal Ohr youth village in northern Israel was the focal point of Sixers great Julius Erving's trip to the Middle Eastern nation. Migdal Ohr provides residence and education for 6,500 underprivileged and orphaned children. Erving and Rick Barry were on a goodwill tour to raise support for the village and stopped by to visit with

Israeli President Shimon Peres.

"I think if we built first sports organizations instead of politics, the whole world would be better," Peres said.

Details, details . . .

So the Czech Republic had the Latvia team picture in the game program, had a shot of Latvia's flag and even had the Latvia

national anthem performed before Tuesday's

soccer match.

One little problem: The Czechs were playing Lithuania.

One official from the Czech Republic soccer

federation resigned, another was fired and a third was fined. The organization described the gaffe as inexcusable. The Czechs beat Lithuania, 2-0, in the European Cup warmup. They will meet Switzerland on June 7 in a Euro opener.

Anybody have the sheet music for Sweden's

national anthem?

File this away

NBA prospect Joey Dorsey already knows

the top two picks at next month's draft.

He says the Bulls will take Kansas State's Michael Beasley and Miami will take Derrick Rose, Dorsey's college teammate at Memphis.

"Chicago's got a lot of pressure on them

because Derrick's from Chicago," Dorsey said. "But they're going to take Beasley. I've got the

inside. They're going to get Beasley.

"I'm not telling you how I know," he continued. "You'll see June 26. I can't say any more." *

- Ed Barkowitz

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